GunVault Key Replacement Form

For your protection, your GunVault could be registered here in our warranty registration page.
It is not necessary for your safe to be registered, to request a replacement key or combination please fill out the form below.

Step 1: Complete the information request below. Our Customer Service Agents will use this information to see if a key is available for your safe. Availability of keys may vary depending on model, but our Agents are happy to assist you.

Step 2: If a replacement key is available, a Customer Service Agent will email you a Replacement Key Request Form and your service request number. Complete the Request Form and have it notarized. Remember – notarized documents must be signed in the presence of a notary.

Step 3: Reply to the customer service email with a digital copy of the notarized request form.

Step 4: Make the $20 payment via PayPal by following the instructions on the notarized request form.

Step 5: Please allow 3-5 business days to process. Be sure emails from and are on your safe sender list.

Please note we do not carry replacement keys for the following: Locks with letters on them, Speedvault Keys 51 to 60, and keys for any model not listed below. 

California Residents must adhere to Civil Code 1189

*If available
*The lock number is the 2 to 4 digit code found on the lock itself. **Please be advised: We do not carry replacement keys for locks with letters on them. We do not carry SpeedVault keys 51 to 60. We do not have keys for models not listed below.
$ 0.00