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    MultiVault® GV2050-19 lateral view closed MultiVault® GV2050-19 lateral view with backup keys MultiVault® GV2050-19 side view MultiVault® GV2050-19 back view MultiVault® GV2050-19 back view keypad closeup

    MultiVault® GV2050-19

    FEATURES Illuminated No-Eyes® keypad allows users to open the safe quickly even in the darkest of places Auto slide-out drawer instantly presents up to four hand guns – 20% Faster than previous model Red interior LED Light adds confidence in...

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    Now: $209.99
  • MiniVault® GV1050-19 lateral closed MiniVault® GV1050-19 frontal open props hand on keyboard MiniVault® GV1050-19 frontal open props biometric MiniVault® GV1050-19 lateral closed backup keys MiniVault® GV1050-19 lateral open empty

    MiniVault® GV1050-19

    FEATURES Upon entry of the correct code, the safe door simultaneously opens while the foam-padded auto slide-out drawer delivers unobstructed access to a handgun Aiding in low-light conditions, a red LED illuminates the interior of the GV1050-19 for...

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