How do I install my GunVault?

IMPORTANT: If you are mounting your SpeedVault®, keep in mind that the SpeedVault door is gravity led and you will need to leave enough space in front of the unit for it to open fully. Step 1: Select a location to mount the unit. Step 2: Secure the “Mounting Bracket” to the desired location using the “Wall … Read moreHow do I install my GunVault?

Where do I find the Serial Number on my safe?

The Serial Number is found on the inside of the safe.  For the MiniVault and MultiVault(GV1000STD/DLX/BIO, GV2000STD/DLX/BIO)the serial number of the unit can be found by opening the product and lifting the foam on the bottom of the unit.

How do I use my security cable?

Step 1: Loop the cable around a sturdy surface. Step 2: Run the metal tip through the eye of the other end of the cable and pull tight around the sturdy surface. Step 3: Place the metal end of the security cable through the fitted slot on the top left side of opened unit and close the lid … Read moreHow do I use my security cable?