How do I install my battery in the MiniVault or MultiVault?

The battery is installed the same way for all GV1000 and GV2000 models.

Step 1: Open the Unit door. Be sure not to lock your keys inside the unit. 

Step 2: Carefully place the unit upside down.

Step 3: Remove the interior shelf (only found on the GV2000 models) and pull the bottom foam forward, starting from the bottom back of the unit, slowly and carefully so as not to tear off (note that the unit is upside down so the top is now the bottom).

Step 4: Find the battery cable with the positive (+) and negative (-) guides.

Step 5: Plug in the battery.

Step 6: The battery will be inserted into hooks with the battery name facing you and the battery cables and plug on the right-hand side. First insert the top portion of the battery slightly and use it to pull the hook up while pushing in the rest of the battery. 

If you find yourself needing additional help please review our user manuals.

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