How do I install my GunVault?

IMPORTANT: If you are mounting your SpeedVault®, keep in mind that the SpeedVault door is gravity led and you will need to leave enough space in front of the unit for it to open fully.

Step 1: Select a location to mount the unit.

Step 2: Secure the “Mounting Bracket” to the desired location using the “Wall Mounting Holes” and the wood screws.

IMPORTANT: Mounting screws provided are for solid wood surfaces only. If mounting to another surface type, drywall, cement, and etc. the appropriate hardware can be purchased through a local hardware store.

Step 3: Keep the unit closed and remove the thumb screws at the bottom of the unit (the use of pliers is recommended). 

Step 4: After removing the thumbscrews, remove the bracket. 

Step 5: Place the SpeedVault on a flat surface and use the key to unlock the unit. Then pull the drawer off, separating it completely from the unit. 

Step 6: pen the battery tray door and plug in a 9V battery. Close the battery tray door. The battery tray is on the roof of the inside of the unit.

Step 7:  Align the shell of the unit to the “Mounting Bracket” using the “Hook Mounting Holes” as a guide. Reinstall the drawer on the unit by replacing the bracket and two “Thumbscrews”. The SpeedVault is now ready to be used.

IMPORTANT: Before using your safe, you must register fingerprints or combination. The unit is sold at factory default and pressing the activator button or the combination 1-2-3-4 will open the unit.

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