How do I program the administrator fingerprint on my biometric unit?

Step 1: Open the unit with the backup keys provided or by pressing the start button, located in the middle finger imprint on the keypad.

Step 2: Locate the Learn/Mute button next to the battery compartment on the interior panel of the unit.

Step 3: To enroll your first and second administrator fingerprint, press and release the Learn/Mute button. The unit will beep once and the indicator light will begin to flash green, indicating that your unit is now in Learn mode. If the indicator light stops flashing after you have pressed the Learn/Mute button then you have been timed out and will need to press the button again.

Step 4: While the indicator light is flashing green, place the tip of your finger at the top of the scanner, then swipe your finger in a downward swiping motion taking one to two seconds per interval. The indicator light will flash green and you will hear a single beep. If the indicator light flashes red this indicates an unsuccessful swipe and you will need to repeat the previous step until you see the green indicator light and hear a single beep.

Step 5: Keep swiping until you hear a double beep. A double beep indicates a successful enrollment of that fingerprint. It may take three or more wipes until the fingerprint is enrolled.

Step 6: Test your unit to confirm that your fingerprint was accepted.

You have successfully programmed your biometric unit.

If you find yourself needing additional help please review ourĀ user manuals.

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