The Three Big Mistakes of Handgun Handling

The Three Big Mistakes of Handgun Handling

19th Oct 2022

Handling a gun is a big responsibility. As with any responsibility of this magnitude, there are serious consequences when you are careless. Both new and seasoned handgun owners can make mistakes when they let their guard down. These three big mistakes can be especially harmful, and must be diligently avoided by any firearm owner. Understand these mistakes of handgun handling, the consequences, and what you can do to avoid them.

1 A Lack of Training and Experience

To conceal carry a handgun, you must first take a course for the right certification. The extent of this course will vary depending on the regulations of your state. Even if you have taken all the requirements of your state, make an effort to learn more. With everything you learn, you will gain a better understanding and appreciation of your handgun, leading you to be more cautious. Hopefully you will never need to use your handgun in a situation where you need to protect yourself. But, if that day ever comes, make sure you understand your firearm. Take it practice shooting on a regular basis. Know how to load ammo, unload, and clean the gun without any problems. Doing this will help you feel more comfortable when using the handgun.

2 Not Putting Enough Weight in Your Responsibility

Owning a firearm itself is a huge responsibility, conceal carrying is an even bigger one. We can sometimes get comfortable, feeling that our experience makes us experts. Never let yourself get too comfortable when handling your firearm. Always recognize that this is a potentially dangerous weapon, and should be treated as such.

In addition to being careful whenever handling your handgun, be sure to invest in a gun safe for when you do not have it. This becomes even more critical if you have children in your home. Protect them and others around you, giving yourself the peace of mind as well. Educate your children on why guns should not be treated as toys, and why they need to be properly secured.

3 Choosing the Wrong Firearm

When dealing with handguns, there are different purposes involved. Those looking for a concealed carry weapon need to think about a few different factors before making the selection. While choosing a weapon that is small and can be easily concealed is important, these smaller weapons often have a bigger recoil.

Do your research and ensure your firearm:

  • Is the right size, not too large to fit comfortably hidden
  • Doesn’t have a recoil so significant you can’t maintain an accurate shot
  • Fits comfortably in your hand

Accuracy is most important when choosing the firearm for you. Make sure you carefully select your handgun and choose it for the right reasons before making the final decision.

Avoid these 3 big mistakes of handgun handling. Make smarter choices with potentially dangerous firearms, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe.